What can you expect at a Sunday worship gathering?

Typically, our worship time lasts around an hour. Our pews are padded for back and bottom comfort, and they’re sufficiently spread apart so that, hopefully, no one will be left uncomfortable by the seating.

The dress code is “comfortable”. You are welcome to come dressed in whatever makes you comfortable; nobody’s going to judge you! We’re convinced that God is much more concerned about what’s on the inside of us than what’s on the outside! Most weeks, you’ll see everything from suits to jeans, and everything in between.

Our worship space is suitably heated in winter and cooled in summer, so you’ll find yourself comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

The music includes a mixture of new and old Christian songs. Sometimes you’ll hear the organ, but most of the time you’ll hear piano and guitar, occasionally with other instruments added in. The songs are all projected on screens at the front, so you don’t need to worry about being able to read music. For those who do read music, some of our songs are found in the books in the pew racks. If you don’t know a particular song, that’s okay… you can just listen and follow along until you pick it up. And don’t worry if you don’t think you have a great singing voice! God loves it when we make a “joyful noise “!


The teaching on Sunday mornings is always culturally relevant and saturated with Scripture. It usually lasts around 20 to 25 minutes and has a goal to do more than just impart knowledge, as important as that can be: the goal of our Sunday messages is to bring about real life change. The Bible is our teaching foundation because we believe that God speaks to people through it.

The bulletin contains important announcements for the life of the congregation, and usually has the basic flow of the worship gathering, including song numbers and Bible page numbers for easy reference. It also contains the connection card each week. Everyone is asked to fill out the connection card so that guests are not singled out. If you’ve given us your contact information once, you need only put your name on the front, unless your information changes. On the back of the card, you will be given opportunities to respond to God, ask for prayer, and communicate with the Pastor.

We structure our worship gatherings with great consideration for people who are not familiar with the church. So you can safely invite your friends and be assured that they’ll be made to feel welcome and comfortable as they experience God in worship.

St. Paul’s adheres to The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s policy called “Leading With Care” (LWC). Children, youth and vulnerable adults are precious to us. We want to ensure that their teachers and leaders are trained in the best ways to nurture faith journeys and that there is safety built into our programs. This includes Vulnerable Sector Screening with a mandatory police records check, renewable every five years, for everyone in a position of trust. We have a LWC team who conducts ongoing assessment of existing protocols, from children’s ministry to fire drills. In taking these careful steps we seek to prevent any incident of harm. You and your family are safe at St. Paul’s to worship God and explore your faith.

After worship, we share in coffee, tea, goodies and conversation in the gym.It’s a great, informal chance to get to know other people and make meaningful connections with friends.


Sundays at 10:00 am


5750 King Road, Nobleton