Library Mission Statement:

Provide quality Christian materials that will change lives and enable each one to grow in his/her walk in Christ.

For a full listing of all titles, of which there are over 1700, see Library Listings on the For Members and Adherents Page.

Library Resources

Various translations of the Bible for a special study

Books to inspire you or make you dig further in your faith

Veggie Tales videos to entertain the children

Odyssey Adventures tapes for those long car trips

Rock Christian music for your teens

Soothing Christian music for your soul

St. Paul’s Library can help you, whatever your age! Discover hidden treasures that will make you laugh, cry, and most of all, help you grow as a Christian.

We are open during Sunday Service, from 9:45 to noon. Self-service is available at other times.

Borrowing schedule: 3 weeks for all materials, including audio-visual materials

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