LifeConnect Groups

Why Should I Join?

A LifeConnect Group is a “small group” – which is a bit of an oxymoron, when you think about it. Small groups have their origin in the New Testament, when the early followers of Jesus would get together in small numbers, in groups, to worship, pray, study and serve. In fact, much of the early church functioned in small groups. One could even say that Jesus and his twelve disciples constituted the original small group!

Getting together in smaller numbers allows for deeper study, deeper friendship, and greater connection within the body of Christ, the church. Meeting in less formal places, like homes, breaks down barriers that allows people to invite friends without any preconceived notions about dress or what might happen in that “odd building”. Small groups can be effective ‘back doors’ for the church, that draw people into fellowship with God before they ever have to consider walking across the threshold of a church building. In short, small groups can be both edifying for believers and an excellent faith-sharing tool.

We call them “LifeConnect” Groups because we believe that making a connection with God and with others should be a normal part of life. Our goal with LifeConnect Group is to help people connect with God, grow in Christ, and serve in community. That’s why we will build opportunities for all three within a season of time spent together in a LifeConnect Group.

Most LifeConnect Groups study the previous Sunday’s message in greater depth than time permits us to on Sunday morning. This challenges the growing believer and the seeker alike. (Some may say, “What if I miss the message on Sunday?” There are two possibilities: one is to come to your group without having heard the message, and contribute to the study based solely on the material at hand; the other option is to listen to the message on my blog,, before you come to your group.)

The goal is not to fill people’s heads with more information, but to bring about spiritual formation and transformation in the lives of all who participate. In other words, it’s not so important that you know lots about the Bible, but that you be in relationship with God, made known to us in the Bible and by his Son Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s about relationship more than anything else.

I think you should join a LifeConnect Group because it will help you build your personal relationship with God and your personal relationships with other believers. It will also give you a forum to which to invite friends and neighbours who are far from God, to introduce them to the God who has had such an impact on your life.

LifeConnect Groups are not “sign up for life” groups. Over the course of a year, we have four ‘seasons’ of LifeConnect Groups, and you are free to change groups, or take a season off, during the signup times between seasons, as the Lord leads you. When you commit, you’re committing for 9 weeks – that’s it.

Most people I know who have been involved in a small group ministry in the past have said that it was one of the most profound aspects of their Christian journey. It can be for you, too. Check out the GroupLink Binder at the Connection Desk to see how you can Connect!

I’m convinced that if we embrace this ministry, it will help our church family grow – in more ways than one. God knows the difference we can make!

Passionately His, Jeff

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