Praise & Worship

“The church lives to praise God.

We have no higher calling than to offer the worship that belongs to God day by day, Sunday by Sunday.

Through the preaching of the Word and the celebration of the Sacraments, in praise, prayer, teaching and fellowship, God sustains the life of the church.

We worship God as Lord offering ourselves in the service of Christ, rejoicing that we have been brought from darkness to light.

Blessing and honour and glory and power be to our God for ever and ever!”

These words from Living Faiththe statement of belief of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, effectively convey the critical importance, as well as the joy we are to associate with worship! As we confess in Living Faith, we have no higher calling than to praise God! Simply stated, without God, all that we have, all that brings us joy and meaning would not exist, for of course nothing would exist. So what is more important in your life than the worship that belongs to your Creator, day by day, and Sunday by Sunday?

Our Music Director

Paul Mason was born in Toronto and grew up in a musical household.  He began playing piano at age 10 and quickly realized that music was going to be a lifelong passion.  Throughout his teens, Paul studied and performed classical, rock and jazz music.  After completing his ARCT (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto – ed.) from the Royal Conservatory of Music, he entered McMaster University and completed a degree in music performance/education.  After graduation, Paul continued to perform and released his debut CD entitled, Perfect Time – A Tribute to Chopin. He was given the privilege of performing this CD on Glenn Gould’s piano at Roy Thomson Hall. 

In addition to performance, Paul has been an educator for over twenty years, teaching kindergarten to grade 12.  He has taught piano, vocal music, instrumental music, theory, composition, arranging, guitar and percussion. He has also conducted and directed numerous choirs, symphonic bands, orchestras, jazz bands, percussion ensembles, guitar ensembles and most recently, “Music in Technology,” which involves performance with iPads.

Paul’s love of music and education has recently taken him to Boston, where he completed a Master’s Degree in Music Education specializing  in “Music Education in the 21st Century” and “Engaging Community.”

Paul’s community projects have involved working with local musical theatres, accompanying choirs, and teaching at community centres and retirement homes.