Christian Living

You Can Be Sure of This

Speaker: | July 25, 2021

In our second part of the series on heaven, we look at one of life’s unavoidable realities: death. After all, you can’t go to heaven unless you die first! How do we prepare for death,...

A Blazing Fire

Speaker: | June 27, 2021

Fire does more than burn. That’s what the Lord tells us in Malachi 3.1-5. And we also get a hint at the coming of Jesus! Some advice for handling our own periods of refining, and...

Unaccepted Worship

Speaker: | June 20, 2021

Malachi had some harsh words for the people of God in his day. They were treating God like a vending machine (of course, he didn’t use that image!). There are lessons for God’s people of...