Sermons by Pastor Jeff Loach

The Needy Church

Speaker: | February 22, 2021

In this worship broadcast, we hear a message from Romans 15.23-33 that helps us understand the local church does not exist within its own bubble. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper at the end of the...


The Mission

Speaker: | February 07, 2021

How does God’s mission get accomplished? The apostle Paul, in writing to the church at Rome in the first century, gave a clear picture of what that looked like for him, and there are things...

One Voice

Speaker: | January 31, 2021

In this video, we hear a message about the importance of setting aside selfishness in favour of serving others – something that will become very important as the church emerges from the pandemic, with many...

Eating and Drinking

Speaker: | January 24, 2021

If I follow Jesus, should I be a vegetarian? Vegan? Pescatarian? Or can I eat whatever I want? Can a Christian take a job that makes one work on Sunday? If I love the Lord,...

Love Wins

Speaker: | January 17, 2021

In this message, we learn about challenges to our understanding of love – a debt we cannot repay. It’s based on Romans 13.8-14, with support from Ephesians 6.10-17 and 1 Thessalonians 5.1-10. You can watch...

Not Quite Libertarian

Speaker: | January 12, 2021

There has been no time such as this in our lifetime to share the relevance of Romans 13.1-7. In this service, we hear a message about what it means to submit to civil authorities, and...

Financial Margin

Speaker: | January 04, 2021

What do the most misquoted verse in the Bible and the weeks after Christmas have in common? In this service, we hear a message that answers that question. You can watch the whole broadcast here,...


The Son of God Has Come

Speaker: | December 28, 2020

We made it through Christmas. So what? Why does it matter? That’s what we attempt to answer in this message, based on 1 John 5.13-21. You can watch the whole service here, or just the...


Christmas Eve Service

Speaker: | December 25, 2020

Please join in worship with the songs and Scriptures of the season, reflections on a couple of carols, and special music! Share with your friends.

Climbing the Ladder

Speaker: | December 21, 2020

“Teleoanticipation”: use that in a crossword puzzle this week. It was a new word to me, introduced to me by my spiritual director. In this worship gathering for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we learn...