Clerical Advice

Our journey through Malachi takes us to 2.1-9 today, in which we learn that the spirituality of God’s people in Malachi’s time was so low that even the priests were ignoring God’s covenant. What can we learn from this for our life in Christ today? You can watch the whole gathering here to find out, or just the message elsewhere on the channel.

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Steering the Vehicle

In this service, we delve into Acts 10 to learn how the church is called to be a vehicle for God’s movement in the world. What does Peter’s encounter with Cornelius teach us about being the church in our time? Have a listen and find out. The message starts at 20:16.

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Unity Amid Diversity

In this service, we hear a message from John 17.13-26 about Jesus’ heart’s desires for his disciples – including disciples of today. What does Jesus want *for* us? Find out here! The message begins at 25:09.

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