Misplaced Faith

In this video, we hear a message from Acts 8.4-25 about Philip bringing the gospel to the Samaritans, and the apostles’ encounter with Simon the Sorcerer. What can we learn from this story that applies to contemporary church life? Watch and find out. The message can be viewed here, and the entire worship gathering elsewhere on the channel. Here’s a link to the podcast of the message:… Transcript Available on You Tube

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Christmas Eve Worship 2021

In this service celebrating Jesus’ birth, we hear Scriptures from Luke 1 and 2, and a message reminding us that just as God used a manger – an ordinary object – as part of his plan, so can God use us as ordinary people to bring about his extraordinary will!

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Precious Cornerstone

In this worship gathering, we hear a message from Isaiah 28.1-22 that offers a prophecy fulfilled in Jesus, who is our precious cornerstone. What can we learn from God’s people of old who chose to rely on political alliances instead of trusting the Lord? Watch the whole worship gathering below (including the Lord’s Supper) or just the message (elsewhere on the channel) to find out.

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