In Plain Sight

A message from John 9.13-34 about how preconceived notions keep people from believing in Jesus, and how we can avoid the fear of being ostracized for following Jesus.

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Sickness and Strength

A message about the relationship between sin and illness. What does Jesus say when asked if a blind man had sinned, or if his parents had sinned, to cause the blindness? Find out in this message from John 9.1-12.

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Sin and Sabbath

There are varying opinions among followers of Jesus as to what one should do with the concept of Sabbath.  In John 5.1-15, we see the Sabbath Police at work, and Jesus connection sin and sickness.  What on earth can we do with these concepts?  Watch below and find out how the Holy Spirit invited me to draw them together.  (Sorry, no audio-only file this week.)

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