Gentile Pentecost

In this message from Acts 10.34-11.18, we learn about how the Holy Spirit fell on those gathered in the home of Cornelius – a Gentile – showing that faith in Jesus was open to Gentiles as well as Jews. You can watch the message here, or the entire worship gathering elsewhere on the channel. Transcript Available on our YouTube Channel

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Misplaced Faith

In this video, we hear a message from Acts 8.4-25 about Philip bringing the gospel to the Samaritans, and the apostles’ encounter with Simon the Sorcerer. What can we learn from this story that applies to contemporary church life? Watch and find out. The message can be viewed here, and the entire worship gathering elsewhere on the channel. Here’s a link to the podcast of the message:… Transcript Available on You Tube

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And so it Begins

“And so it begins…” – the end of Jesus ministry, that is. What can we learn from Judas, who was so close to the Light, yet chose darkness? This message starts at 23:20 and is based on John 13.18-30.

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