Unaccepted Worship

Malachi had some harsh words for the people of God in his day. They were treating God like a vending machine (of course, he didn’t use that image!). There are lessons for God’s people of today in this message, based on Malachi 2.10-17. You can watch the whole worship gathering here, or just the message elsewhere on the channel.

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Apologies for last week’s service being omitted from this format; there were technical difficulties that did not allow it to be downloaded from Facebook (you can watch it by clicking this link, however:…). This week’s worked, and you can watch the whole service, or just catch the message, based on Matthew 2, beginning at 24:35.

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Spirit and Truth

Jesus tells the Samaritan woman at the well that the time would come when people would worship the Father in spirit and in truth.  What does that mean?  That’s what we explore in this message based on John 4.21-30 (with a nod to Exodus 3.1-14).

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